Turn Your Furry Friend into Fine Art
Beautiful pet portraiture for dog lovers’ homes

January 28, 2016 | Text Dayle Kavonic Photo Ian Martin

If you, like many of us here at HL, are avid dog lovers, you probably have a few slightly awkward photos of your furry friend lurking somewhere on your phone and most likely drop your hound’s name into conversation a little more regularly that is considered standard practice.

The truth is, we want to celebrate the four-legged members of our family and new Cape Town-based company Spageddie Face has come up with a very special way of doing this, one that can also be appreciated even by the non-canine adoring individuals amongst us.

The innovative business photographs pet dogs in their own homes where they are most at ease, turns these snaps into striking fine art pieces and has them professionally printed and/or framed to be hung in the pup’s owner’s home.

The idea behind the venture was born more or less by accident. Founder Ian Martin turned a picture he had taken of his own dog Eddie (nicknamed Eddie Spaghetti) into an artwork for personal enjoyment, and he had such a positive response from friends that he decided to make a side business out of it.
The original artwork of Eddie

‘People are typically mad about their dogs – some take on the status of kids – but they don’t necessarily want to stick up a cheesy photograph of their pet in their house,’ explains Ian, a gifted designer and photographer. ‘But these aren’t your standard photographs; they’re unique once-off works of art that manage to capture the personality of each dog.’

The simple, yet dramatic monochromatic approach that he uses certainly gives each piece a strong artistic edge, and they’re given a lot of depth by the way that each hound’s character is captured so perfectly. In fact, Ian works with a veterinary physiotherapist at shoots who not only calms the dogs but helps to bring out their personalities for the camera too.

There are a number of printing and framing options available – anything from canvases and block mounts to framed fine art prints are a possibility – and these can be discussed with Ian during the first meeting.

If you’re eager to commission a work, contact him at spageddieface@ianmartin.co.za and visit his website ianmartin.co.za/spageddie-face for more information. Prices start from R2 000 and this covers the shoot, lighting, the veterinary assistant and the design; printing and framing costs are over and above this rate.